Emulsion Explosives

Production Plants



BOWAS fields Emulsion plants based on technology developed by Dott. Mariano Pravisani & C. Srl, Bohlen Handel GmbH, and further leading experts in Europe, joining the best knowledge and experience in design, engineering, production and blasting.

BOWAS / DMP offer the full range of production plants and related equipment and services to enable the highest grade of independence of the client.

  • Production of Emulsion Cartridges and
  • Bulk Emulsion/matrixproduction

Emulsion Explosives

Emulsion Explosives have now proven to be the most cost efficient and safe solution for most civil blasting operations. Emulsion is based on a production and mixing process using easily accessible raw materials, mainly Ammonium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, Oil, Emulsifier and Paraffin, Wax, and/or other additives.

The wide range of recipes and adjustable setting make this type of explosive suitable for most kinds of civil blasting operations and perfectly adjustable to surrounding soil and rock conditions.




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